About Dano

Dano TimeLine

Turkey (2015)

In 2015, Dano Saglik Ltd Sti. has been established as a pharmaceutical wholesaler and supplier, licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health in Istanbul.


North America (2017)

Our office in North America named Dano Health Inc. was established in Toronto-Canada in 2017.


India (2019)

our Indian office will begin operating in 2019 to facilitate our access to this strategic supply chain resource.


Europe (2020)

flag of italy
Our office in Europe named Dano Salute Company will be registered in Florence-Italy in 2020 to strengthen our communication network with European companies.

Extensive Supply Network

Dano has established its offices at strategic pharmaceutical supply countries in the world to provide the best services

Turkey: The Turkish resources prepare the ground for Dano Saglik to supply branded multi-national pharmaceutical products at affordable prices comparing European and North American supply-chain resources. In addition, many countries in MENA & Africa prefer Turkish generic products with a compatible quality to European companies but lower price.

Canada: Most of the recently launched pharmaceutical products are only available in North America or might be unlicensed products in other territories, according to this privilege, Dano’s Canadian office is expertise in supplying comparator drugs. On the other hand for our South American clients, this office is a facilitator to sign contracts and set up an organizational trust.

Italy: Dano Italian office enables us to provide brand and generic pharmaceutical products directly from European pharmaceutical manufacturers and warehouses.

India: Our office in India gives us access to Indian generic manufacturers as a hub in producing pharmaceutical products in large quantities, consequently, qualified generic products at very competitive prices would be in Dano portfolio. Furthermore, India is a very good strategic country for supplying brand products too.

dano mission

Dano Mission

In light of our company vision to make our medications available to all human beings around the world and improve and prolong individuals’ lives, Dano is persistently extending its portfolio as well as its network, therefore, we can reach to more number of Distributors, wholesalers, Hospitals, clinics, consequently, more patients.

Dano Vision

Dano Vision

We are endeavoring to meet our company purpose to supply pharmaceutical requirements for health-care society and to enhance the supply and distribution of pharmaceutical products in all around the world.

Our Distribution

Dano Health Group has created one of the most streamlined pharmaceutical product distribution systems. Our completely structured supply chain system, powered by Account Management groups and experienced Customer Service, which empower Dano Health Group to effectively supply, distribute, and support pharmaceutical requirements. We provide clients with product and service specialists, trained to present you an appropriate consultation to make the best purchasing choices.

Key benefits we bring to our clients

  • A large number of accessible pharmaceutical products
  • Customized requesting by each – box, case and etc…
  • Best Value: Quality products, reliable service, and competitive pricing
  • Supportive Documents: We are completely ready to provide our clients with their required documents related to their shipment
Dano Services

Dano Services

  • Under Shortage:When a pharmaceutical product in your country is in shortage and should be provided within a specific deadline Dano could facilitate this process.
  • Tender:Cooperation with Dano Health Group enables the clients to have an active presence in the tender of pharmaceutical drugs in their own country.
  • Regular Orders:Dano is always ready to supply repeatable pharmaceutical drug orders in every volume at any requested destination.
  • Registration: If a pharmaceutical product registration is your requirement, Dano would be the right partner for you. Since Dano has an active relationship with pharmaceutical manufacturers, therefore, providing registration documents of pharmaceutical products and food supplements is one of the services we give to our long-term clients.