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Why Dano?

Top quality products:

The first priority for us in our business is to provide high quality products with affordable prices. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality products.

Competitive price:

As the quality is the most important thing in our business, we always do our best to provide top quality products for our customers. We cannot claim that we offer the lowest prices in the market because we would never sacrifice the quality for the price, but we offer the best prices in the class of standard and high quality branded products in the global market.

High production capacity:

We supply huge quantities of different types of masks, gloves, thermometers and Coveralls based on weekly monthly and annual contracts and tenders and we can always add more production capacity and take more and more orders. Generally, we prefer huge orders with low margin than normal orders with high margin.

Supportive documents:

We supply our products based on contract with qualified and fully certified manufacturers from Turkey, China and Thailand. We will provide you with CE, FDA, ISO and all standards that you may need for importing or registering our products in EU, USA and other countries.

Agile logistic team:

Based on the experience we have gained in trading over the years, we can deliver our customer’s orders safe and in time. We have contracts with the strongest and fastest logistic companies which can deliver our client’s orders into the international airports all around the globe in the fastest possible time.

Quality Control

We are looking for long term cooperation with distributors and prefer to sign long term contracts and plan for mutual gain with our business partners, globally. Therefore, we are so careful about our clients to make them satisfied with everything about us to achieve this goal together. We will guarantee our products even after shipping and will support our clients fully-fledged.

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About Dano

Dano as a Medical device producer and brand-owner

We are an international medical device producer and brand-owner who can fulfill your medical equipment needs especially related to COVID19 protective products due to recent worldwide virus crisis, with an extensive multinational supply network. Our company is honored to supply all COVID19 protective products in high qualities with full supportive documents and essential certificates and standards of European Union and USA at fairly competitive prices.

Dano Health is a privately owned healthcare solution provider company which is completely licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our global scope of the commercial enterprise provided us to have an international presence in strategical countries of the medical devices and pharmaceuticals supply sourcing.