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Oncology Drugs

Dano Health Group is your authoritative one-stop pharmaceutical supplier. Get in ...

touch with us today to deliver your anti-cancer and oncology requirement drugs at a competitive price.


Hospital Therapies

Our product range covers all aspects of caregiving and medical equipment making us ...

the ideal one-stop-shop for hospitals, clinics, GP practices, and care homes.


Named Patient Drugs

Countless numbers of successful conveyances to worldwide destinations ...

impelled Dano Health Group leadership in managing and serving unmet patient needs through early access mechanisms.


Clinical Trials

If you require a main Supplier for clinical trial pharmaceutical products which are known as ...

comparator drugs, to give you genuine feelings of serenity that your clinical trial procedure will advance with the correct item, in the correct condition, at the ideal time you're in safe hands.

About Dano

Dano as a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

We are an international pharmaceutical wholesaler based in Turkey who can handle most of your pharmaceutical needs in brand and generic pharmaceutical products with an extensive multi-national supply network. Our company prides itself on sourcing branded and generic products for our customers while focusing on efficiency and reliable delivery. Dano Health Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a privately owned healthcare solution provider company which is completely licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our global scope of the commercial enterprise provided us to have an international presence in strategical countries of the pharmaceutical supply sourcing.



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Dano major clients include pharmaceutical distributors extended around the world with a focus on M.E.N.A countries, East Asia, East EU, Africa, and Latin America.

These distributors would be supplied by Dano Health Group in a procedure which is known as “Parallel Trade”


Every wholesaler sometimes faces different restrictions to supply pharmaceutical products for their clients,

therefore, Dano is able to cover this gap for its wholesaler partners, using its extensive supply network.

Hospitals & Clinics

Every healthcare institution has urgent needs to critical drugs in the field of Oncology, IV fluid products, blood derivatives, and etc..,

which must be provided urgently and diligently. Dano is always ready for giving such services to special clients.

Ministry of Health & Government Centers

Every wholesaler sometimes faces different restrictions to supply pharmaceutical products for their clients,

therefore, Dano is able to cover this gap for its wholesaler partners, using its extensive supply network.

Chain Pharmacies

Dano services doesn’t restricted to wholesalers and distributors. In some countries, the Ministry of Health (MOH) give permission to chain pharmacies to buy their stock directly from main sources such as Dano Health Group in order to reduce costs and save time.

Why Dano?

Extensive Supply Network

Dano has established its offices at strategic pharmaceutical supply countries in the world including Turkey, Canada, Italy, and India to provide its clients best services.

Competitive Price

Align with Dano Health group mission and vision our business philosophy as a pharmaceutical wholesaler and Supplier is earning more turnover with less margin. Dano strives to be a reliable supplier. Strong, long-term relationships with our customers is vital to our business. Together, we contribute to an efficient pharmaceutical supply chain that lowers health costs for both the public and the private sectors.

Supportive Documents

We are completely ready to provide our clients with their required documents related to their shipment such as certificate of origin (CoO), product leaflet according to client requested language. Furthermore, for some of brand and generic products, Dano is able to provide certificate of analysis (COA) and other requested certificates by clients.

High-Level Delivery Service

Dano standard is running procedures with a strict policy to guaranty a constantly high level of delivery system within the procurements such as data logger, cold box and cold chain cargo. This accuracy powers us to deliver the required products adequate to client requested MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Cost Effectiveness

Dano Health is constantly striving to be the first-hand pharmaceutical wholesaler and supplier. In addition, Dano is continuously optimizing its supply chain organization in order to make its services more cost-effective.

Quality Control

Dano‘s quality management system that complies with international supply chain standards, allows customers to get the best solution for their demands and Dano is devoted to retaining its clients always updated and they have complete access to their shipment status with related documents.

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