About Dano Health

Dano as a pharmaceutical wholesaler

We are an active Turkish pharmaceutical supplier and distributor who can handle most of your pharmaceutical needs in brand and generic pharmaceutical products with an extensive international network. Dano Health Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a privately owned slicing side healthcare solution provider company based in Turkey and as a global pharmaceutical and medical wholesaler/exporter and completely licensed by Turkish Ministry of Health. Our global scope of the commercial enterprise provided us to have an international presence in many segments of the pharmaceutical markets.

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What Dano Health Does?

We are actively working with strong ties and relations with our partners, international drug wholesalers and pharmaceutical warehouses. Our team of international pharmaceutical wholesaler practice under MHRA license from UK, European Union and USA FDA approval with high skill and experience to provide International Standards of pharmaceutical products for human use, all around the world.

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We are ready to supply pharmaceutical products all around the globe, although we focus on M.E.N.A, Africa and C.I.S countries.
Most of our customers in these markets include:

Distributors & Wholesalers

Every wholesaler has a restricted access to pharmaceutical resources, therefore Dano can facilitate their access to global network.

Hospital & Clinic

Every healthcare institution has urgent needs to critical drugs in the field of Oncology and cardiovascular and ophtamaltic etc.., that must provide urgently. We are ready for such projects..

Chain Pharmacy

Chain pharmacies should buy their stock directly from main sources in order to reduce costs and save time.

Ministry Of Health & Goverment Centers

In most countries, some of the strategic pharmaceutical drugs such as vaccines and subsidized drugs are provided by governmental centers and they refer to us.


Prescription Medicine

Brand and Generic products

Over The Counter Items

Vitamins and Supplements

Why Dano Health

  • Extensive Supply Network

    Dano has established its offices at strategic pharmaceutical supply countries in the world to provide the best services:

    Turkey: The Turkish resources prepare the ground for supplying branded multi-national pharmaceutical products at affordable prices comparing European and North American supply-chain resources.
    Italy : This office enables Dano to provide brand and generic pharmaceutical products directly from European pharmaceutical manufacturers and warehouses.

    Canada: Most of the recently launched pharmaceutical products are only available in North America or might be unlicensed products in other territories. Dano's Canadian office is expertise in supplying unlicensed pharmaceutical products.

  • Quality Control

    Dano's quality management system that comply with international supply chain standards, allows customers to get the best solution for their demands.
    Dano is devoted to retaining its clients always updated and they have a complete access to their shipment status with related documents.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Dano Health is constantly striving to be the first-class pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor and also Dano is enhancing its organization in order to make its services more cost-effective.

  • High Level Delivery Service

    Dano's standard is running procedures with a strict policy guarantees a constantly high level of service within the procurement of the supply, the storage and the processing of deliveries

  • Competitive Price

    Dano's business philosophy as a pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor is earning more turnover with less profits. Therefore, customers might expect more affordable and competitive prices


Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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